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Image from a friend pre-game

Some Monday Musings before the big analyses:

What an exciting Super Bowl game! Our children loved that the Giants won.

Over 20 Super Bowl ads ran in advance of the Big Game. Would you believe that the Ferris Bueller Honda CV-R ad had 11.6 million hits two hours prior to the game on Youtube?   But, what really made this year’s game a watershed? Not only the pre and post adv viewing, but the live streaming on second screens, the quest to extend the viewing experience beyond the TV and into a socially networked universe of mobile devices.

Where more women than ever before watching because of the two hot quarterbacks or Madonna’s half time show? We really enjoyed it and can’t wait to see the viewer recap. The Material Girl is a revolutionary marketer in the way she constantly reinvents and makes her brand very relevant.

Our super bowl party chose the following ads as their favorites: Dannon Oikos (loved John Stamos getting a head-butt), the Doritos Flying Baby  and Seinfeld’s Acura. The Kia and Samsung ads followed close behind.

So what was your favorite ad?