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Paying $3.5mm for a Super Bowl ad is a bit risky.  Many brands are taking the gamble because how often can you reach 111 million consumers at once.  The ability to capture so many additional exposures from the pre and post game “buzz” coupled with the new features of live streaming on computers and mobile phones truly makes advertising on this year’s game revolutionary.

Another insight is the positive influence that the half time show guest will have on the number of women actually watching this year’s game. Women ages 30-50 love Madonna.  Consequently, this Super Bowl could be a once in a lifetime chance to capture this cherished audience of primary household purchasers.  Advertising communicating how our “pain points” are solved in a compelling way has the power to make long-term impressions and drive purchase intent.

So where are Brands that want to target the primary household purchasers like Mastercard, Paypal, Citibank, and the WWE? Each of these brands possesses a unique brand essence that truly resonates with women and in the case of WWE –their children. Where are the package goods giants: P&G, Unilever, and General Mills? Hopefully, brand marketers will thoroughly analyze this historical Super Bowl as a case study for 2013 planning.

Meanwhile, the next big game opportunity is the NCAA’s Final Four, but that event is better suited for the Victoria’s Secret demo.