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Super Bowl XLV logo

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With more than 111 million viewers expected to tune into the game, the Super Bowl is by far the biggest stage for marketers as quoted in Seattle Times. It is expensive with NBC charging an average of $3.5 million for a 30-second spot. “And the competition is fierce: there will be more than 70 TV ads during the Super Bowl battling for attention”.

The Super Bowl makes sense for brands that need mass reach. Even though the game will feature a bounty of ads, there are other brands who need to join the fun. I am very happy to see that Dannon Oikos is advertising. Embarrassing moments for John Stamos  creates a terrific ride.

However, I wish that Dannon would also advertise its Danactive brand. While its healthy positioning has a conflict with the food imagery at the SuperBowl,  a spot in the game would make the brand “stand out” especially with the before and after teaser strategies which generate twice the number of impressions.

Many of us are still trying to kick off our new year’s diet. Of course, we will be feeling guilty by the third quarter from all the chicken wings and chips.  So why not have Danactive roll out a healthy living campaign with a series of funny vignettes of a 40 something mom trying to do it all! This revolutionary strategy would resonate a unique positioning across social media and diet sites.

We have another “snowfa” activity for our cubs during the game if the Coke bears are not enough—-count the change in their piggy banks so they can buy stock after the Facebook $5Billion IPO announced this week. Happy Ground Hog Day.


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