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Super Bowl XLII logo

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I am really enjoining the buzz on Youtube and other social media of the pre-super bowl ads. The pre-bowl screening creates awareness that hopefully drives consumers to look for the ads during the Super Bowl. Yesterday, during the CBS Morning show, Advertising Age Editor Abbey Klaassen cited that data exists proving that this technique turns a decent ROI. Going viral on Youtube results in a tremendous amount of impressions before, during and after the game. The large amount of exposures gained will help to outweigh the cost of the spot. What a revolutionary way to market brands!

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl itself will be revolutionary because it will be the first championship ever live streamed from our computers and our mobile phones. I wish I had Verizon coverage. Today, they announced a free app for both Giant and Patriot fans to watch the game on their smart phones.

This app announcement makes me want to terminate my current smart phone contract. Per marketing 101, my thinking is serious “purchase intent”. Too bad my current contract strangles me with a ridiculous cancellation fee.