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A great piece by Jim Edwards below: it contains a case study that P&G’s Old Spice Social Media had tremendous ROI.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/pg-ceo-to-lay-off-1600-after-discovering-its-free-to-advertise-on-facebook-and-google-2012-1#ixzz1l3JFhc4A

P&G’s CEO told Wallstreet  that he would have to “moderate” his ad budget because Facebook and Google can be “more efficient” than the traditional media that usually eats the lion’s share of P&G’s ad budget.

The Old Spice Ad Campaign with its complete 360 degree surround of consumers is truly revolutionary. Most find the ad hysterical and perfectly irreverent. Capturing the brand essence, the ad makes Old Spice relevant to today’s young hip males not to mention our 40 something gang.

What a shame to have potential lay-offs mentioned!  Luckily,  P&G brand marketers are well-trained and in high demand!