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Hot news:

Just a few hours ago, Honda release the Ferris Bueller Extended Super Bowl Commercial.  The ad is for the Honda CR-V.

What is revolutionary about it is: reinventing the wonderful concept of “living a little” 26 years later. Just like in the original movie where he skips school, Matthew encounters his supervisor during his adventures. His adventures range from the joys of “being a kid again ” at an amusement park to adult time at the beach.  This time he is not prowling around in a Ferrari but is grown up in a station wagon.

The finishing flourish is brilliant. Matthew comes back and asks why we are still here. “Don’t you have anything better to do! Go on –get going!”

Too bad that we already “sold out” last year with our minivan purchase or we would checking out to see if the Honda CR-V could create a little excitement in our lives. Our Honda Pilot certainly has!