Our family is so looking forward to the Giants and Patriots rematch in the 46th annual Super Bowl next sunday.   But, I have to ask —are Americans really watching the game or just waiting for the debut of the best ads of the year? As a marketer, I can’t help but get excited about the Super Bowl ads. 

I still haven’t decided what I liked best from last year:  VW Passat “The Force” 

or the Doritos Pug Attack 

Will Etrade do something “breakthrough” with the baby at the wedding or what will be the latest smart phone gimmick? Or will the advertising be dominated by car commercials again?

Car.com is fun and different.  The website has previewed a bizarre ad with a man with a 2nd head singing a sexy song..

This is sure an attention getter, but what makes it revolutionary is its charitable social media component.  During the Superbowl, the ad will introduce a Shazam app for tagging and the opportunity to earn $1 for one of seven charities in contention for a $100,000 donation from the site.

In this recession when our pocketbooks are tight, many have slimmed down their charitable giving.  The idea of benefitting a charity while researching a big “needed commodity” purchase makes us feel good. This feeling can even drive us to a greater likelihood of purchasing a certain brand.

Another potentially interesting spot is the teaser on Youtube featuring Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller, 26 years later.  He seems to be doing his character from ” Tower Heist”which was fun. But, we can’t wait for the real reveal. The rumor is this ad could be for Honda.

What a revolutionary idea—- to hit 40 somethings with a reminder of a favorite movie from their youth to encourage them to buy a new car…..  we all want to relive our youth!

However, last year, we sold out and bought a minivan —so we will stick to watching the Coke Fan-Bears by sitting on our snowfa and cuddling with our cubs.